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´╗┐Classic French Cooking Made Easy


Food prepared must not only be pleasing to your palate but pleasant to your eyes as well. Presentation of food on the plate is very important in classic French cooking.

Traditional or classic French cooking in France emphasized on food preparation using its rich agricultural and dairying resources. This has been reflected through the lavish and elegant banquets created during official occasions under the French monarchy. During the years, classic French cooking has been influenced by the introduction and use of new spices, herbs and products such as cocoa taken back from newly-discovered lands by early explorers, and particularly by Italian cooking.

Classic French cooking typically includes a light breakfast of a warm drink of milk, coffee or chocolate and buttered pieces of the customary French stick. It is a long and thin piece of crispy white bread. Sometimes croissants are served with light jam and spreads. Bread, croissants and brioches are commonly eaten fresh and purchased the same morning from the bread and pastry shops known as boulangeries. In classic French cooking, a regular three-course lunch usually startss with an entree of mixed salad or small goods, a main course of meat or fish with vegetables followed by cheese served with a green salad, and a fruit or dessert. At dinner time, a simple soup and a light main course is basically served. Wine is a very important part of French dining. It is usually served with main meals.

Classic French cooking also includes a very wide selection of desserts and pastries, among them the familiar and popular ├ęclairs and profiteroles which are a combination of puff pastry filled with coffee or chocolate-flavoured custard.

Every Classic French cooking menu includes at least one type of cheese and the traditional way to serve cheese is on a cheese board with a selection of 6 or more cheeses. The variety includes fresh cheeses, hard cheeses and creamy cheeses. They are normally eaten with salad between the main course and dessert.

Classic French cooking might vary according to the season. During summertime, the classic French cooking might involve salads and fruit dishes because they are cool and the products are sold cheap, since most fruits and vegetables are being sold at any price. Mushrooms are abundant in everywhere in France at the end of summer. From September through February is the hunting season, meat of all types is served and eaten, often in very sophisticated dishes that commemorate the success of the hunt. Shellfish and oysters are at their peak as winter turns into spring, and they tend to load up outside restaurants.

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