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´╗┐Asian Cooking Equipment?


If you like Asian cuisine believe me you are going to love Asian cooking equipment! You may have thought the only thing you need to cook great Asian food is a wok, but there is so much more! If you love cooking, then you should check some of this great Asian cooking equipment!
The Wok. Okay so let us begin with the basics. The Wok is the most important and fundamental utensil of any Asian cooking equipment inventory. Traditionally in Chinese homes the wok was made of either steel or heavy iron. And, also traditionally is equipped with two handles concave in shape. The Wok may also be used for a pan-frying, stir frying, deep-frying, and steaming. The list goes on and on. As stated, the most important, essential part of your Asian cooking equipment inventory is your wok. You must always keep you wok well oiled to prevent drying out and rust. A very good tip for all us beginner Asian cooks.

Next, you will find the asian clay pot. Also considered a staple piece that is used in a lot Asian households. The clay pot is just the Asian version of the English stew pot. However, the primary difference you will notice with your Asian clay pot is that it is traditionally cooked on the stove top rather than in the oven, as with English stews. The design of your standard clay pot is such that even if the meal serving time is delaying well past the time of its preparation the meal will remain steaming hot.

The Steamer, another classic favourite in any good Asian cooking equipment inventory. Steamers usually come in a variety of sizes ranging from 6 inches in diameter all the way up to 12 inches. Again, traditionally, all Asian steamer is made of bamboo. This has the added benefit of being attractive enough to also double as a beautiful serving dish. Asian steamers also allow for more than one layer to be used at one time, adding to the variety of dishes that could be served or cooked from the one steamer.

The Cleaver, is a definite for any Asian cooking equipment. The Asian cooking cleaver is used for several cooking and preparation tasks. Cleavers are generally made from heavy steel which allow them to chop through bone easily. The beauty of the cleaver in Asian cooking is that it was once a tool of mass destruction, slicing easily through duck bone, and at the same time used to delicate activities like cutting vegetables or shaping them into beautiful designs for serving.

Christine Gray is a recognized authority on the subject of Cooking. Her website Cooking Smarter provides a wealth of information on everything you will need to know about Cooking Equipments. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as the content and links remains intact and unchanged.

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